Rajouri municipal committee fails to provide clean and green city

“Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” is limited to papers only.

Lack of planning in dumping of waste material and sanitation facilities in town.

Rajouri, Aug 20: Rajouri city has been growing and expanding very rapidly for the last couple of years in each and every sphere whether it would be education sector, tourism ,art and culture etc.Due to that, many job seekers and students with their family members migrated/shifted towards city and its surrounding areas to get better education and job opportunities which ultimately resulted in to expansion of the city and urban territory vis a vis population explosion also.

Despite of all such developments,the municipal committee is still working with old rules and norms instead of using latest technology for proper waste management in the town.The committee is least bothered in terms of providing better facilities to the residents of different wards of the town.There is no proper drainage system, lack of planning in dumping of waste material, bunch of garbage could be seen everywhere, shortage of public urinal points in and around the city, sanitation facilities, defunct condition of street lights and path holes at prime locations are some of the core issues which the locals of town area have been facing for the last couple of years.This shows the real face of “Swachh Bharat Abhiyan” which is limited to papers only in this part of the state.

For the last 10 years we have been continously listening that a proper “Solid Waste Management” plan would be implemented for all the dumping garbage in and around the vicinity but I think that plan is still hovering in the air only and nothing has been done on ground so far.The student fraternity particularly faces the apathy of the Rajouri municipality, when they confront with huge bunch of garbages at various points during their morning hours (School time).The committee is still concentrating on limited area but the truth is that the limits of the city is growing day by day but the committee should also have increased their man power simultaneously to serve the whole town, including the new habitats, in a better way but they failed to do so.So,we demand to DDC Rajouri for taking these issues on priority basis”,added Mr.Iqbal Shawl, a renowned academician.

Not even a single dustbin has been installed in our area resulted in to grubby atmosphere owing to dumping of litter in different parts.Also, the condition of streets are not up to the mark and sometimes it takes 2 to 3 days to clean those.The defunct and old street lights irk locals and also raise question mark on the working of committee”,said Dr.Lakshmi Narayan.”The lighting system is laying defunct and I have not seen any employee from municipality in our ward.Everytime false assurances are given to us for providing better facilities in terms of cleanliness but the conditions of our localities remain same till now”,said Mr.Shabaz.

When contacted, Mr.Bashir Ahmad, Executive Officer, Municipal Committee, Rajouri told The News Now that yes we have already identified 20 kanals of land near Nagrota-Meera area in city’s outskirts for all dumping of waste material but the same hasn’t been handed over to us till now by the higher authorities. And we are also planning to renovate and construct the new toilets in and around the vicinity very soon. Also,the proposal for installation of street lights have already been sent to DDC.”As far as instalation of dustbins are concerned around the town,the proposal has been sent to the director in which we have demanded around 12 big and 2000 small dustbins as per our requirements”,added Mr.Bashir.

In this regard, DDC Rajouri, Mohammad Aijaz Asad issued a set of directions to officers for face-lifting of town.During his visit few days back, DDC asked EO Municipal Committee to immediately start the work for construction of a passenger shed and toilet complex at bus stand Rajouri besides black topping of main bus stand.He also asked tehsildar Rajouri to propose land near old town for setting up of a senior citizen park near old town.Directions for lightening of town were issued for which a plan will soon be chalked out under face-lifting efforts of town. He also directed EO Municipality to immediately repair all the open manholes of drains which can cause accidents.

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