Serious allegations of booth capture and large scale bundling from Poonch District of Jammu and Kashmir in Panchayat elections.

Contesting Sarpanch candidate in Panchayat elections Peer Shamim Ahmad Bukhari claims large scale bundlings and booth capture in polling stations located in Panchayat Chakrara of block Sathra, Tehsil Mandi of Poonch district in Jammu and Kashmir.

In a press conference held at Mandi, Shamim Ahmad labeled serious allegations on entire election machinery responsible for conducting elections in Chakrara Panchayat segment. Addressing a press conference, he said, “The government had assured that the elections will be free and fair, but there was large scale bundling in the panchayat elections held in this Panchayat.” Adding that my opponent is a resourceful person, he said, “I visited every polling station where voting was in progress and I saw they (Opponent) had captured entire mechanism of polling which included presiding officer, polling officer and other employees associated with polling, police personnel.”

Shamim Ahmad Bukhari further added that some anti social elements were also part of this activity who were forcibly casting voted of others openly. Labeling serious allegations, he said, “There is ample evidence available especially in ward no 6, Mohalla Telian where this bundling was rampantly evident and the same can be confirmed from the local residents how ballot papers were snatched and stamped.”

Shamim Ahmad Bukhari sarcastically thanked the entire administration for acting as a facilitator of this unlawful act of bogus polling. Further stating that even during counting of votes supporter of his opponents were unlawfully allowed to enter the counting hall. He said, “There are talks doing rounds that counting officials were bribed with Rs Five Lakh, but only God knows the truth.”

Labelling direct allegations on Zonal education officer Sathara, he said, “The official openly brandished his allegiance to the opponent candidate telling people to vote for him.” Shamim Ahmad Bukhari appealed the concerned Deputy Commisioner and S Superintendent of Police to take cognizance of this press conference and take necessary action.

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