Twitter CEO explains how editable tweets would work




(ANI): Twitter may build a feature that could add a delay in posting a tweet.

For the longest time, Twitter fans have loved putting out their opinions through the micro-blogging platform only to, at times, regret what they have put on the internet.

Currently, there is no way to alter what we have tweeted out but to pull it down.

In a recent interview with Joe Rogan, which is posted on YouTube, Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey talks about the idea of tweets which can be edited.

He suggests that a delay of 5-second to 30-second could be introduced. In that window, one could edit the tweet if they so wish to. This small a window might not be enough for those who use the platform to react and not to express an opinion.

Dorsey believes the real-time nature of the conversational flow will be interrupted if the window is any longer than 30 seconds. The company is further looking into making the original tweet visible to users.

There’s also a possibility of making the edit feature dependent completely on the context of the conversation.

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