Urmila’s Kashmiri Husband Debuts In Marathi Cinema

Srinagar : Kashmir born model-actor-businessman Mohsin Akhtar feels romance and love for films come naturally to him. A romantic at heart, Mohsin describes life as the gap between birth and death. And, he admits to have learnt this and more from his hometown and films.

“Films have been a very important part of my life. I have watched films while trying to ape the hero and relive the moments while growing up. I have a simple funda, life is the gap between birth and death. So, you have to live to the fullest, love everybody and appreciate everything around you,” Mohsin told media.

The model, who married actor Urmila Matondkar in 2016, is now gearing up for the release of his first film, Madhuri. On what got him to make his first Marathi film, Mohsin said, “I owe a lot to the state of Maharashtra. It gave me my break in modelling and also introduced me to the world of films. It is difficult for an outsider to break into the industry. However, I was cautious and believe that I played it smart. I did not whine and wait for my big break. I took up modelling and started learning the nuances of the industry. I was in touch with writer friends who would bounce of their script ideas. I started to enjoy the process of film making.”

According to a report Mohsin adds that he watched many Marathi films and started understanding the business of the regional industry. He knew that making a film in Bollywood would involve many elements.

“I have a deep connection with Maharashtra and Marathi cinema. I would watch Marathi films with Urmila. Also, somewhere I felt I could give more to it. The industry is making some great films. However, I feel a lot more can be done,” the report quoted Mohsin as having said.

The film, Madhuri, stars Sonali Kulkarni in the lead and is directed by Swapna Waghmare Joshi. Mohsin shares that having a huge star and an intelligent actor at home did help the process. “Urmila knows me better than everyone else. She knows the fact that if I have agreed to something I will do it wholeheartedly. She has faith in me. She trusted me with this project and did give in a lot of her inputs. I generally don’t listen to anyone. But, her inputs make a lot of difference.”

So, then why did he not get her on board for the film? “I could not afford her, casting Urmila would have shot up the budget (laughs). Jokes apart, I don’t think I can take advantage of the fact that I am married to her. Also, it is not necessary that we feature in each other’s projects,” Mohsin said.

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