US-India Defence Relationship Paradigm Change And Incredible Momentum ..

Pentagon has said that there is a paradigm change and incredible momentum in the US-India defence relationship. Director for South Asia in the office of Secretary of Defense US Siddharth Iyer said that the relationship now is defined more by the pace and the sort of overall trajectory rather than by differences and divergences on key issues. He said this at a round table conference on the future of the US-India Defence Partnership with a focus on technology collaboration and maritime strategy. Mr Iyer said it’s apparent that there is just a very high frequency of engagements between two senior leaders President Joe Bide and Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Mr Iyer added that it would be hard to find a month in the calendar year when there’s not a high-level exchange, and then probably at least a handful of mid-level exchanges between our governments.

Ryan Holliway, Political-Military Officer from the Department of State said America’s partnership with India is one of the most consequential relationships it has in the world. He said this strategic partnership as a crucial pillar of a free and open Indo-Pacific and the 21st century.

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