Thousands of people of Kashmiri Hindu community along with Large section of common people from Delhi and NCR attended the Kashmiri Hindu exodus day event – Nishkasan ka Dard, held at Central Park, Rajiv Chowk in the capital today. The participants went through a detailed exhibition showcasing the issues and demands of Kashmiri Hindu community through photos, posters, poetry, sketches, and paintings. Several short films were also screened, along with a heart wrenching skit – Visthapith, performed by Kanwal Peshin and noted artists from Jammu, that gave the audience a glimpse of the happenings and events of 1989/90 that led to the exodus of the community from the valley.

The event covered three broad themes – the time of exodus of the community showing the atrocities committed on the community, the resilience shown by the community by focusing on future rather than falling into despair or pursuing the path of revenge or violence, and reaffirmation of the resolve of the community to return to its homeland as per its geo-political aspirations..said Sh. Vijay Raina President Kashmiri Samiti Delhi.

In the exihibition section ,where live tents where pitched depicting the life of refugee camps, Volunteers of Youth4 Panun Kashmir interacted with the thousands of participants explaining each of these themes. Digamber Raina, while interacting with a group of people stated “It was a shock for us when we had to start living in a small tent in Jammu, being used to a much comfortable life in our big house in the valley. The struggle with day to day things like getting drinking water, following daily hygiene, and so on, was too harsh to bear. We somehow managed our lives, and yet my parents ensured I continued to focus on my studies and a commitment to return my Homeland.

Rahul Kaul expressed his firm resolve and conviction in the demand for separate homeland for the community, “The case of Kashmiri Hindus is of extreme subjugation over decades. We never have been able to experience true freedom guaranteed by the Indian constitution. Back in Kashmir, we used to live a life of second class citizen – being subjected to partiality and bias by the people, administration, and even the state Government. That the Government couldn’t prevent the genocide unleashed on us, and has not been showing any real intent to solve our issue and ensure our return is a clear case for the aboriginal community to demand an area within their own land with Union Territory status that provides constitutional guarantees of life of honor and dignity to be carved out of the valley towards the north-east of river Vitasta, which will enable the community to not be subjected to whims and fancies of a local majority.”

Vithal Chowdhary  organising Secretary of Youth 4 Panun Kashmir shared his emotional story – “My grandmother kept asking us to take her back to her home in Srinagar so that she can be at her own place at the end. We could do nothing about it. My feeling of loss multiplied many when she left for her heavenly abode and I had to live since with this helplessness of not being able to fulfill her last wish.” Displaying the emotions on today’s Nishkasan Divas of the community,with a commitment to continue the struggle in exile, Youth 4 Panun Kashmir under aegis of Panun Kashmir along with Kashmiri Samiti Delhi reaffirmed its commitment to reclaim the Homeland for community and garner support across India towards this cause. Sincerely Yours Rahul Kaul Vijay Raina President -Youth 4 Panun Kashmir President- Kashmiri Samiti Delhi

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