Sacrificing Truth at the Altar of Nationhood: The Kashmiri Pandit Genocide and Political Realities”

In the annals of history, the tale of the Kashmiri Pandit community stands as a poignant reminder of the complexities that govern the human experience. The haunting words of Ajay Khosa encapsulate a sentiment shared by many – the dichotomy between acknowledging a painful truth and choosing to sacrifice it […]

Panun Kashmir: A Resilient Beacon of Identity Amidst the Shadows of Genocide

The convergence of Genocide and Identity Erosion unfurls a complex tapestry where the term “Genocide,” a chilling semantic vessel, encapsulates the orchestrated horrors exacted upon the Kashmiri Pandit community. This classification signifies a meticulously orchestrated campaign of violence that transcends mere sporadic acts, instead bespeaking a premeditated, systematized nature. The […]

Analyzing the Discrepancy in Ministers Response: Genocide Legislation in India and the Prominence of Panun Kashmir’s Genocide and Atrocities Prevention Bill

The intricate matter of establishing a comprehensive legal framework for addressing acts of genocide in India has engendered substantial debate. The recent retort furnished by Kiran Rijiju & Nityanand Rai, both Ministers of State for Home Affairs in 2016 & 2022 respectively , during the Rajya Sabha sessions, invites a […]

Dissenting Echoes, Undying Resolve: Genocide Explored in ‘Kashmir Files unreported’

Kashmir Files: Unreported” emerges as an impactful docuseries that endeavors to the Kashmir conflict through a hitherto marginalized prism—namely, the experiences of victims caught within the vortex of this protracted geopolitical imbroglio. Within the contextual framework of Genocide studies, the film undertakes a compelling exploration of the multi-faceted dynamics and […]

Transitioning from Community Representatives to Social Representation: Unintended Psychological Consequences Amidst Genocide’s Aftermath

The metamorphosis of organizations initially tasked with representing a victimized community into advocates for broader social issues carries intricate psychological implications, particularly within the context of a genocide. This transition inadvertently distorts the trajectory of psychological healing and justice-seeking for victims. By analyzing this shift through the prism of genocide […]

Panun Kashmir Extols SIA’s Move in Judge Neelkanth Ganjoo Case, Calls for Genocide Bill to Seal Justice

Jammu August 7, 2023 — The Kashmiri Pandit community, represented by the steadfast voice of Panun Kashmir, has issued a resounding and unwavering response to the recent revelations surrounding the ‘Judge Neelkanth Ganjoo Case.’ Characterizing the moment as a seismic breakthrough, Panun Kashmir asserts that the historical suffering endured by […]

Crucial Break in Decades-Old Kashmiri Pandit Genocide Case: State Investigation Agency Seeks Public Assistance to Unearth Truth Behind Retired Judge Neelkanth Ganjoo’s Murder

SRINAGAR, AUGUST 07: A momentous stride has been taken by the State Investigation Agency (SIA) towards unearthing the enigma veiling the brutal murder of Retired Judge Neelkanth Ganjoo, a tragic incident that unfolded three decades ago. In an impassioned plea, the SIA has issued an urgent call to individuals possessing […]

Dr. Agnishekhar, Convenor of Panun Kashmir, Unleashes Stern Critique Against Government Actions, Condemns Genocide Consolidation. 

Jammu — Dr. Agnishekhar, the Convenor of Panun Kashmir, has launched an uncompromising assault on recent government decisions that imperil the dignity and heritage of Kashmiri Pandits. In a vehement statement, Dr. Agnishekhar argues that the government’s latest maneuvers appear to be actively engaged in advancing the Genocide agenda, surpassing […]

Youth4PanunKashmir moves intervenor application in Supreme Court of India

Youth4Panun Kashmir (Y4PK), the prominent and impassioned youth organization epitomizing the fervent aspirations of the resilient Kashmiri Pandits, has taken an audacious and momentous stride by deftly moving an Intervenor Application in ongoing Writ Petitions challenging the abrogation of article 370 and 35A to the august Supreme Court of India. […]