Operation Gulmarg: The Kashmir Incursion

Operation Gulmarg: The Kashmir Incursion

With Qayyum Khan, the chief minister of NWFP in the loop, Pak Army planners sand- mapped annexation of the geographically large and strategically crucial State of Jammu and Kashmir. In liaison with the British residual counterpart, they converged on forestalling India’s attempt of retrieving Gilgit-Baltistan whose borders touched on Soviet […]

Kashmiri Kills Kashmiri in Kashmir

Anantnag, April 9, : The killing of a local soldier in Southern district of Anantnag is not the solitary incident in Kashmir Valley. Scores of incidents have been reported so for where the victims and assailants were local Kashmiris. Pertinently, a Territorial Army man, who was on leave was shot […]

Maqbool Sherwani ‘s role in 1947 and politics behind National Conference narrative

During Chiefministership of GM Sadiq school textbooks in J&K carried a chapter on Maqbool Sherwani of Baramulla,Master Abdul Aziz of Muzaffarabad and Pushkar Nath Zadu of Srinagar. It extolled contribution of three heroes during 1947 Pakistani invasion. Sherwani-The Communist view Who was this Sherwani and what made him a national […]

Duda’s Daily Doodle

FARM BILLS The the two Bills on Farm Reforms and the one on the amendment to the Essential Commodities Act that were passed in the Lok Sabha on 16 September are being used as political tools by the opposition. And, even Akali Dal, a partner in the NDA, has taken […]