Eminent Displaced Kashmiri Hindus welcome Geo-Political reorganization of Jammu Kashmir and Ladakh. Bob Blackman, UK Parliamentarian endorses the move.

Bob Blackman, a UK Parliamentarian in a special reference desired his name to appear in the list of signatories to this Joint statement.  He is very vocal about the plight and pathetic condition of Exiled Kashmiri Hindus and a very trusted friend of India. Lakshmi Kaul, Head and Representative of […]

Violent protests by Pakistanis and Kashmiri separatists on India Independence Day; Kashmiri Pandits complain to UK government

On the event of Indian Independence Day celebration in United Kingdom Indians came under violent protests by Pro Pakistani Groups outside High Commission of India. Indians celebrating Independence Day outside High Commission of India had to face violent protests by Pro Pakistani groups which included Kashmiri separatists and Pakistanis besides […]