Author: Tito Ganju

Pakistan Jihadi Factory – How it ruins Kashmir; 12 year old Zaibibullah turns to Jihadi Lashkar Terrorist  

Nestled in God’s lap, and endowed with mesmerizing and enchanting beauty, the valley of Kashmir is a reflection of what the wise men attribute as “God’s special effort in carving out an irresistible charm, bedecking the glory of this world.”  For centuries, the landscape of Kashmir has romanticized and frolicked […]

Editorial : Multi-craft strategy : requisite for counter terrorism

Abhimanyu was killed by his own cousins ,uncles and elders so were these bravehearts. They were partially trained to face the foe but missed the support required to defeat them. Chakravyooh was laid down for both and the execution was done without any consideration granted to ethics of warfare.But the larger question remains -how many more Abhimanyu’s would be sacrificed?